The Cold War and Stuff

The Cold War and Stuff, a history class taught at Willamette Valley Community School during Spring Term 2005 by John M. Burt. Topics covered include the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, Reaganism, the New World Order and the New American Century, but above all on the fears and expectations of the people living through history.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Paul DeCola, one of 2,996

The history class "The Cold War and Stuff" is long since over with. So, for that matter, is the Willamette Valley Community School. But since this blog still exists, I might as well post here a duplicate of today's post at my regular blog, , part of the 2,996 Project:

In memory of Paul DeCola, age 39, of Ridgewood, N.Y., who died five years ago today at the World Trade Center.

On that day, my only comment was, "Innocents have suffered today. As a result, more innocents will suffer."

After five years, I have nothing more to add.

//The Magic Eight-Ball says, "Me, neither."\\


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